Did you like it?

I've sold hundreds of copies of my books face-to-face, plus more online as paperback and ebooks. I've also given away over two dozen, and have copies in local bookstores, the Ottawa Library, and several libraries across Canada. 

So, now that you've read my work, how about an online review?

A few of you have already added your feedback on various sites, but I would appreciate more - be it lavish praise or constructive criticism. You can just add a one-liner, such as "Great read, loved the small town feel, needs less pie and coffee breaks", or more if you feel inspired. Adding it to multiple locations would be even better.

Here are links to some sites:

Thanks, and feel free to pass your copy - paperback or ebook - on to a friend for their enjoyment. And remind them to review of course.

March Madness - Free Books

Kirk's Landing, the e-book version, is free to download from Smashwords as part of Read an E-Book Week (March 2-8). All formats are supported, so grab a copy for those lazy days on a beach down south. Or for under the blankets, if you're staying up north for the snow - offer open March 2-8. Remember to add a review too - every bit helps. 

There are thousands of titles available as part of this promotion, discounted or even free, so check out the Smashwords catalogue and start filling up your e-reader.