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Kirk's Landing

Kirks Landing cover (Copy)For a PDF of Chapter One, click here. Comments welcome below.

Synopsis - Dave, an undercover cop, is busted when his cloaking power fails in the middle of a gang meeting. Forced to hide out as Detachment Commander in Kirk's Landing, a small Manitoba town, his only goal is to continue as a loner and lay low for a year. He learns it's hard to stay a loner in a small town, though, especially with everyone eager to meet him and enlist his help with their version of the local issues. In addition to a new and challenging staff, he meets Rosie, the local cafe owner, transplanted from Toronto, Junior, a youth with a spray can and attitude, Mayor Palin, eagerly awaiting new funding for the mill, Chief Bourbeau from the nearby Anishinaabe reserve, waiting to see if Dave will really help, and the chief's daughter, JB, intrigued by this new and handsome Corporal. 

     Dave finds his detective instincts pulling him into an unsolved disappearance, corruption in the local high tech paper mill, and pollution of the local lakes and rivers. Unfortunately, the local council, his boss, even a Federal Minister, all want to keep the issues hushed up. When Dave tries to use his invisibility to help him in his investigations he discovers there are darker forces at work - forces that are now targeting him, changing him. It's now up to his friends to decide if he can be saved in time. 
Kirk's Landing is available as a paperback online from Chapters and Amazon, on order from your local bookstore, and as an ebook from Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, etc. 


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