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Finding Kirk's Landing

Did you like it?

I've sold hundreds of copies of my books face-to-face, plus more online as paperback and ebooks. I've also given away over two dozen, and have copies in local bookstores, the Ottawa Library, and several libraries across Canada. 

So, now that you've read my work, how about an online review?

A few of you have already added your feedback on various sites, but I would appreciate more - be it lavish praise or constructive criticism. You can just add a one-liner, such as "Great read, loved the small town feel, needs less pie and coffee breaks", or more if you feel inspired. Adding it to multiple locations would be even better.

Here are links to some sites:

Thanks, and feel free to pass your copy - paperback or ebook - on to a friend for their enjoyment. And remind them to review of course.


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Gerard Lavelle

"Kirk's Landing" makes a wonderful summer time read but should not be considered light fiction. Mike Young's tightly structured narrative weaves many themes and concerns of Canada's First nations into a fast paced crime fiction which explodes with surprise and humour. The story moves with tv speed and provides insight into the 'not so honourable treatment' of First Nations people.

Thoroughly enjoyable. Believable crime fiction mainlined in our own back yard - that is if you live in northern Manitoba.

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